Hello Stranger

Hello Stranger is a four-piece from Los Angeles consisting of Juliette Commagere on keytar and vocals, Jared Smith on guitar and keyboards, Ben Messelbeck on bass and
Joachim Cooder (Ry Cooder's son) on drums.

Commagere grew up playing piano, and says the move to her Moog Liberation keytar was a natural progression for her. Commagere says Ry Cooder is an inspiration and mentor to the band, especially to guitar player, Jared Smith. Commagere appears on Ry Cooder’s Chavez Ravine. She wrote and sings track nine, “El U.F.O. Cayo,” a song performed in Spanish.

Commagere, whose mother is from Mexico, also sings a song–”Es Tu Vida”–in Spanish on Hello Stranger’s se


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