Город 312

Gorod 312 is a Pop Rock band created by musicians from Kyrgyzstan in Moscow in 2001. Its name comes from Bishkek's area code. However, the number was actually seen by the band's members in random situations. For example, the deal of Real Records label was proposed and was signed in 3/12/2005.

Since forming, Gorod 312 has changed its drummer three times. Meanwhile, guitarist Masha, joined the group.

Today, the complete group on the scene are
Aya, lead singer (Russian: Светлана Назаренко)
Dim, background singer and keyboard master (Russian: Дмитрий Притула)
Masha, guitarist (Russian: Мария Илеева)
Léon, bass guitarist (Russian: Леонид Притула)


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