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All despair from every blame
Arrived when all was there,
Weepings called disease and woke
Screams from everywhere.

All my life I walked like blind
The days of rain were days of light
No one else could see like me
One thousand stones behind.

But one day I saw the truth
The anguish was in front of you
Then my eyes shone again
My wrath turned me insane.

Words of lie remind the past
I saw you living my compromise
Fields of mud so deep inside
Their breath will be your last chance!

Try to find the way to escape,
In rooms with doors, the way is learnt
If the stones are still alive
The end will be unkind

Then they all will stay in you again
Now I can’t forget, all moments

As I see
A naked feeling shine

Ghost released
From thousand years conspire

Omens tell
The world is not the life

In this time
The howlings are delayed

The howlings are delayed…

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