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‘Frankly I dreamt of 8mile every night when I was young.

The sound of the radio from the olden days is fading (Fade out)

It’s gradually changing

The certain anguish is a chain of unfamiliar questions

Without my knowledge

My heart is extremely being bitten into by my bitter indomitable spirit.

(Man) I’m the strong and sometimes harmful nicotine and tar, like

Like Marlboro red. Soon the curtain will go up

The show has begun. Uh, Uh, Uh, stop me

My bad temper? Yeah, everyday, I’m macho.

Amateurs, fall into step with me

Called Number 1, the outer covering of misdeeds…

Disclose it honestly. This is a letter of darkness.

Rushing 400km, my endless speed punch

The end, I don’t care, Buck Wild Steelo My rules.

Let’s go loco. You and me blastin’

(Yeah yo) Uh oh uh oh, just look at me

The inflated anticipation (turns into bubbles)

The inflated anticipation, eventually I become a victim

Yes or no no no

Ask or again (Yo)

Let’s go or not go (What)

Uh oh uh oh, (What) Just look at me’

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