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You was nothing but a fantasy,
I knew it,
But i had a lot of fun before,
I blew it,
Isn't that what everybody says ?
That you can't eat the cake if you piss on it.

I put my money on a card roulette,
And I kept my smile as i placed my bet,
I knew what I did when I went on the ride.
It's a 5-align credit on the wild side.

You showed me how it was good to be true,
And that I should grow up and stop sniffin' the glue.
But it's all around me to the left and the right,
And It's eating me up and splitting me out.

If you never seen a failure,
Then here's one!
I was doomed before I ever begun.
I was on-board drinking when Titanic went down,
And the band played on as I ordered a round.

That's just how it goes
Don't you think I know?
You don't have to tell it to my face
Tell it to my face!
I wont stop the show
I just let it flow
You don't have to tell it to my face
Tell it to my face!

I don't ever want to stand in line,
You get it?
Cause I could find a better waste of time,
You bet it!

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